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How These Native Australian Botanicals Will Improve Your Skin

Our skin is exposed to so many environmental toxins each and every day, whether it be air pollutants, household cleaning chemicals or even the products we are applying directly to our skin! It’s the body’s largest organ and it is commonly understood that the products we apply permeate the epidermis to the inner layers of our skin and in some cases, even travel through to the bloodstream.


Choosing ingredients that are natural and kind to the skin is at the forefront of all Peppy Co products. Our All-In-One Sleeping Mask is no exception to the rule. For those with sensitive skin, botanical ingredients are ideal as they are naturally gentle whilst still retaining the efficacy you expect from your skincare regime. Each of the ingredients contained in the All-In-One Sleeping Mask have a purpose as they work in harmony to transform your skin overnight.


The Sleeping Mask delivers four powerful results, reducing the need for a complex nightly ritual. Those results are to soothe, balance, hydrate and protect your skin. We’ve broken down our key ingredients below, so that you can understand how our mask does all the hard work while you sleep.


A popular herb used over centuries past in both Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine practices, calendula is a popular ingredient when it comes to natural skincare. It boasts antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, whilst having an incredibly soothing and calming effect on the skin. It also helps to nourish and hydrate and is especially helpful for those with oilier skin.



You may recognise this little daisy-like flower from your herbal sleep tea blend, that's just how gentle and relaxing this herb is! It has also been proven to have therapeutic and anti-inflammatory effects, making it a wonderful addition to our overnight skin treatment.


Zinc Oxide

Commonly used in UV protective skincare, zinc oxide also hosts a variety of benefits that help your skin replenish itself overnight. It’s proven to be very beneficial in healing acne and regulating sebum production. It also maintains an antibacterial effect, helping to reduce future breakouts.

Old Man’s Weed

Perhaps not the most glamorous of names, but we love it just the same. Old Man’s Weed has been used for thousands of years by Australian Aboriginals to treat a range of illnesses. In our Sleeping Mask it works to renew skin cells and protect from free radical damage.


Australian Pink Clay

A now popular skincare ingredient, Australian Pink Clay draws impurities out of the skin and brightens your complexion. Especially helpful for those with oily t-zones, using our mask overnight will help to absorb excess oil, leaving you fresh-faced and makeup ready when you wake.


Grapeseed Oil

We absolutely love this ingredient for it’s Vitamin E component and ability to quickly permeate the skin for rapid hydration. It aids in fighting free radicals, and works within the skin’s middle and outer layers to reduce inflammation and scarring, heal acne and reduce pore size.

Organic Shea Butter

Shea butter is a popular ingredient you might have noticed in many moisturising or repairing skin care products. It has a high fatty acid component that allows it to gently soften skin, while it creates a gentle barrier to lock in hydration for a deep moisturising experience.


Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is an ingredient naturally found in our own body, but can be depleted by various environmental or lifestyle conditions. It offers deep moisturising and anti-aging benefits that will give you a truly radiant complexion.


Organic Aloe Vera

Used for centuries to heal wounds and support gut health, aloe is absorbed four times quicker than water and has incredibly soothing and protective qualities.This rapid penetration makes it a highly effective moisturising ingredient for all skin types.


Organic Rosella Extract

More commonly known as hibiscus, our organic rosella extract has an anti-aging effect on the skin as it contains natural acids that lightly exfoliate the skin. A plant naturally rich in moisture, it generously passes on this trait to your skin to protect it and keep it wonderfully hydrated.


Natural Vitamin E

Vitamin E refers to a combination of eight compounds that make up a nourishing and healing group of fat-soluble vitamins. It fights off free radicals like air pollution and sun damage, making it an incredible workhorse of a vitamin that we just had to include in our Sleeping Mask.


Organic Kakadu Plum Extract

Rivalling straight Vitamin C skincare products in efficacy and concentration, this extract improves the way that your skin responds to UV light, all whilst housing antioxidant properties that protect your skin from future damage.


Our All-In-One Sleeping Mask ingredients work in a carefully orchestrated, natural harmony to achieve the most hydrated and nourished skin of your life. But don’t just take our word for it, explore our customer reviews online here. Also available in a Bestie’s Kit so you can keep each other accountable on your journey to radiant and youthful skin!

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