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Five Tips To Achieve Your Healthiest Skin Yet

It’s Simpler Than You Think!


Are you on a quest for the perfect skin? Trust us, we have been there, done that and tried everything along the way! To save your precious time and skin, we have compiled our top five tips to achieving your happiest & healthiest skin yet.


Cleanse Your Skin Twice A Day

When you think about everything our skin encounters during a typical day, you begin to realise how important a regular cleansing routine is! Beginning each day by washing your face not only helps you wake up, but also removes any dirt, oil or debris that may have collected there overnight or transferred from your pillowcase.


We then recommend cleansing your face again as soon as you return home or are finishing up your day. Our brand new Gel Cleanser does the job perfectly, lightly lathering to remove any trace of dirt or makeup. The organic aloe vera juice in this cleanser will keep your skin radiant by rehydrating either after getting your beauty sleep or spending the day in drying air conditioned spaces.


Cleanse Properly

To make sure you are giving your skin the deep clean it deserves, we recommend pairing the Gel Cleanser with our Cleansing Egg. The Egg uses sonic vibrations to massage deep into your pores and give your skin a complete clean. These vibrations also stimulate your circulation in wrinkle-prone areas, helping to stimulate collagen production and restore a youthful glow.

Hydration (Inside & Out)

To keep your skin plump and youthful, your secret weapon will always be H2O. And plenty of it! Ensuring you drink enough water each day will help your skin retain elasticity (promoting a youthful appearance), as well as clearing excess oil and acne. Hydrated skin will give off a radiant glow, whereas dehydrated skin can appear dry, tight or flaky.

To boost your hydration levels, use our All-In-One Sleeping Mask overnight to deeply moisturise while you sleep. Shea butter, hyaluronic acid and organic aloe vera juice work harmoniously to leave your skin smooth, soft and super hydrated by sunrise.


Elevate Your Routine With An At-Home Treatment

Ever wonder how A-List Celebs and influencers get that year-round, perfect glow? Well… their secret is out! LED Light Therapy is a boutique salon treatment that addresses all of your skin concerns: acne, dull or dry skin, fine lines and signs of aging. Our medical grade LED Light Therapy Mask offers you a dermatologist level skin treatment in the comfort of your own home. The best part? It only takes ten minutes per day!

Go Au Naturel

Sometimes it can be difficult to decode the ingredient list on your skincare products. At Peppy Co, we use all natural, botanical ingredients to bring you our best-selling range. Not only are our products tried and tested (by us!), we use them regularly to this day. Our products are Australian Made, cruelty free and guaranteed* to give you the results you’re looking for.

All-in-One Sleeping Mask 50ml


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