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Are You Cleansing Your Skin The Right Way?

Deep clean your way to radiant skin with our new Gel Cleanser!

Our brand new Gel Cleanser is here and ready to revolutionise your cleansing routine! It’s the perfect way to wake up your skin first thing in the morning or remove every trace of makeup in the evening. Using a makeup wipe is simply not enough to make sure that your skin is staying clean and healthy. An inefficient cleanser can cause ongoing skin concerns such as redness, blocked pores or breakouts.


Our Gel Cleanser will literally wash away all of those niggling skin care concerns with every use! Working gently into a light foam as you massage it into damp skin, it penetrates layers of makeup, natural oils and dirt to deep clean your skin and properly prepare it for your skincare regime or makeup application.


The Key Ingredients That Make This Cleanser Amazing

Formulated with gentle and botanical ingredients, we’ve included our hardest working native and organic plant extracts to get the most out of each and every cleanse.


Our all-star ingredient list includes hardworking skin heroes such as:


Organic Aloe Vera Juice

For next level hydration and skin soothing properties, aloe is a proven method of soothing skin irritations or inflammation. Despite its prickly visage, the juice provided by this hardy little plant is ultra-soothing and healing to the skin.


Superox-C AF (Kakadu Plum Extract)

Native to Australia, this super fruit is incredibly high in Vitamin C, which works to reduce oxidative stress to the skin, whilst brightening and rejuvenating. It’s anti-aging benefits visibly smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.


Organic Calendula and Chamomile

Providing a calming effect to the skin, these flower extracts will brighten your day by reducing inflammation and redness.


So, Who Should Be Using This Gel Cleanser?

If you have a face, this cleanser is for you! As with all of the Peppy Co products, we use ingredients that are natural and gentle, yet extremely effective. Ensuring we maintain our integrity in delivering high quality skincare means that each product is versatile enough to cater to a wide variety of skin concerns.


The Gel Cleanser hosts an array of ingredients that work to deep clean, soothe, hydrate and nourish the skin. This means not only can it help clear up breakouts, but also reduce redness and the appearance of fine lines; leaving you with radiant skin.


How To Use It For Best Results

A regular cleansing routine is the number one way to practice the best hygiene to keep your skin fresh and clear. For a salon-worthy deep clean in the comfort of your own home, apply it to your skin before using the Cleansing Egg. The sonic vibrations of the Egg paired with its ultra soft and antibacterial bristles will massage your skin into perfectly cleansed and softened bliss.


Begin your skincare routine by dampening our face with warm water. Wet the Cleansing Egg as well before applying a 10c piece size amount of the Gel Cleanser to the Egg. Choose your preferred speed and gently glide it in circles over your skin. Complete the cleansing routine by thoroughly rinsing with warm water and pat dry.


So what are you waiting for? Stop reading and start cleansing your way to radiant skin!

Gentle Cleanser 150ml


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